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From $99

The Seward highway, named a Forest Service Scenic Byway and an All-American Road, boasts incredible scenic viewpoints and some of the best odds of viewing sheep, moose and possibly wales in their natural habitat! Meet a variety of Alaskan Wildlife at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center including bears, moose, caribou, wood bison, musk ox, lynx, wolf, and more!

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Alaska is a large and diverse land. At times it can be beautiful in Homer, but foggy on the other side of the inlet or vice versa. Therefore, there is always the possibility for trip cancellation or delay. We recommend that customers schedule their bear viewing trip the first available day of their vacation in Homer. We want to ensure that if a weather cancellation were to occur, that you have the time left in your trip for a bear viewing .

From $130

Don’t miss the Chulitna Gorge Tour (formerly known as the Three Rivers Tour)! Your 3 1/2 hour exciting trip will begin aboard the “McKinley Queen” as it whisks you into the heart of the wilderness in comfort. These are the most technologically advanced jetboats in Alaska designed to safely navigate rivers that were previously inaccessible.